Water Pouch Packing Machine

Industrial Water Treatment & Cooling Systems

Water Pouch Packing Machine

Water Pouch

We offer range of premade pouch machines. Incorporating top end technology using Allen Bradley PLC’s and Servos, SMC and Festo pneumatics, Omron temperature controllers and Schneider switches for performance and reliability to international standards and regulations.

Flexibility is another main aspect, as using the same machine is possible to make a wide range of different pack presentations and fast changeover from one product to another or from size to size. 

The premade pouch machines can be used in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and confectionery industries.

You can pack Powder, Granule, Liquid, Paste, Viscous, oily, oil , Laminated material, L.d material, B.O.P.P Material, Edible, Lubricating, Oil, Sea Oil, 2 T Oil, 4 T Oil, Gear Oil, Machine Oil, Engine Oil, Coolen, Sea food, Cashew nuts, Dry fruits, Almonds, Peanuts, Papad, Mathiya, Khakaras, Namkeen, Tea, Coffee, Detergent or milk powder, Lubricant oil, Spice, Solt, Soya milk, Butter-milk, Vanspati ghee, Gutkha, Wet and dry beans, Cumin seeds, Cinammon, Coriander seeds, White pepper, Alum, Fenu greek, Mustard seeds, Cloves, Fennel, Boric, Rock salt, Dry ginger, Myrobalan, Turmeric, Asafetida- Sugar, Wheat, Gram, Rice, Paddy, Tobacco leaf, Pulses, Crisp cake, Millet, Maize, Lentil, Peas, Walnut kernels, Yeast, Organic foods, Processed meat products, Dates, Peanuts, Toffee, Candy, Cheese balls, Chips, Finger chips, Biscuits etc.

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